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City Of Future: Art 4 Everybody - Site Specific Mural

City Of Future: Art 4 Everybody - Site Specific Mural by Yuri Catania committed by City Carburoil in Tenero Switzerland

Yuri Catania brought a dedicated paste-up artwork to life in a public space on the biggest wall of the "City Bistrò" in Tenero measuring 7 meters by 180 cm. It was a testament to the idea that contemporary art can and should happen among people.

"The City Of Future" was born in collaboration with Lorenza Cattaneo President of City Carburoil, and Simone Riva Architect, celebrating the first anniversary of City Bistrò in Tenero, Switzerland.

The artist immersed himself among the people frequenting this City Bistrò and he has been a heartfelt experience. Entering into their daily lives, from their first morning coffee to the evening aperitif, hour by hour, they begun to know each other, his art and their stories. In a few days days, they went from strangers to leaving a mark among friends who, from the first day on, in front of his completed work, they will continue to travel through the surrealism of this piece dedicated to them.

The surrealistic artwork represents a Swiss astronaut as a tribute to our mountain biking champion, Filippo Colombo, and some of the mountains of our region, Monte Generoso, dear to the artist, and Cimetta, the home mountain for the people of Tenero surrounded and fully immersed in a blooms wave of dahlias from CasaGalleria garden and, of camelia from the Camelie Park in Locarno.


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