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2010 - ON GOING

Yuri Catania's photography goes beyond the traditional dimensions of a frame to interpret locations and surfaces through the technique of collage. Each artwork is created with a multitude of handmade cutout that become textures and is connected to augmented reality with sounds and digital videos created by the artist, aiming to make the viewer's experience even more immersive. Furthermore, these creations would be eco-friendly, crafted with biodegradable materials that align with sustainable practices. 

Biblioteca of Ascona - Artwall by Yuri Catania street art exhibition celebrating the Forty anniversary of JazzAscona
The Swiss astronaut Claude Niccolier stands high 8 meters in the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano. He's surrounded by 40 meters in lenght of flowers. This is the street art installation "Lvgaxy Astro Flowers" by Yuri Catania. The artist created this artwork during the NFT Fest and put in dialogue the nature and the technologie.

Lvgaxy Astro Flowers
Lugano, 2023 Switzerland

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Yuri Catania has created a 120 meters of a street art installation titled "IMperfect I'Mperfect" committed by the Fondazione IEO-Monzino for the breast cancer reaserch.
IMperfect I'Mperfect
Milano, 2023 Italy

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The Wall Of Fame is one of the sixty street art installations part of "I Gatti di Rovio" by Yuri Catania. The largest street art exhibition by a solo artist in Switzerland with the paste-up tecnique.

I Gatti di Rovio
2021 Switzerland

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