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Black Flower Secret Garden

2020-On Going

Have you ever observed flowers at night?

They are beautiful and different from how we are used to seeing them in the sunlight. Try it, just a flashlight ...

Black Flower Secret Garden is a photographic series by Yuri Catania, dedicated to the flowers of his home garden in Switzerland. Captured under the shroud of night while the blooms rested in the stillness, these flowers present themselves in a new light. Different from their sunlit selves, their hues are vibrant, existing within a dreamy and intimate realm. The night’s velvety ambiance lends the compositions an elegance, emanating a profound sense of tranquility.


2023 Erarta Museum St. Petersburg Russia

2021 CasaGalleria.ART Rovio Switzerland

2021 Mia Fair Milano Switzerland

2021 Wopart Lugano Switzerland

2021 Art Zurich Switzerland

2021 Artrust Melano Switzerland


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