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Yuri In Wonderland

2023 - ON GOING

"Yuri in Wonderland

Works with marked surreal traits that engage in a dialogue between nature and technology, speaking of beauty but also of isolation. Each composition, with flowers that seem to float in a gravity-less space, evokes a sense of freedom and infinity. The introduction of figures of astronauts and animals in space suits expresses the need for connection between the human, the animal, and the botanical universe. Catania aims to represent a message of universal positivity, seeking to establish a dialogue between the ancestral nature of our planet and the future that awaits us with the relentless evolution of aerospace technology. These works focus on the meeting between flowers, symbols of life and rebirth, and the contemporary epic of the astronaut who will take humanity beyond our planet, discovering a different way of living in the future, distant from the concept of biodiversity to which we have belonged since the dawn of humankind on Earth. The flowers depicted are the same ones photographed at night by the artist in his secret garden in Rovio, grown from seeds to touch the soil. Specifically, dahlias, peonies, roses, tulips, and daffodils are portrayed. The astronauts, on the other hand, were modeled in 3D by the artist himself and later artistically processed through digital art, using various applications. The fusion occurs through the technique of collage, which is executed as part of the performance/art installation directly on the wall.


2023 Artrust Lugano Switzerland

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