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Yuri Catania is a multi disciplinary artist. He express his poetry through photography, painting, paste-up, and photo collage technique.

Once upon a time, there was a child, who used imagination to play.


His creativity had always been his best friend.

Today, that child has become an adult artist in constant search and journey. He has the ability through his works to let you dream wide awake, to live the beauty of our planet with the eyes and awe of that child, who today is an ambassador of value and positive messages through his art.


He's fully dedicated to the study and experimentation of techniques and the use of different materials. 

Photography remains the starting point of each of his works, which he represents through the technique of paste-up on large surfaces. The use of acrylic painting and technology makes each of his works unique and unrepeatable.

Art Will Save The World!  His motto


The Story

Born to Explore the Infinity (2023 to present) 

Yuri in Wonderland (2022 to present)

An Introspective Turn (2020 to 2022)

Lockdown and New Beginning

The Covid-19 pandemic forced a pause in Catania's fashion career, confining him to his studio in Switzerland. This period of isolation, away from his usual travels, led him on an inward journey to rediscover his immediate environing. Surrounded by nature, with a lush garden tended by his wife Silvia, Catania began to explore the beauty of flowers and the surrounding landscape.

Black Flower Secret Garden

This period gave birth to "Black Flower Secret Garden," a photographic series capturing the nocturnal beauty of flowers in his garden. These works, marked by a new sensitivity and an intimate approach to nature, quickly gained popularity and were exhibited in cities like Basel, Zurich, Lugano, Cologne, and New York, becoming part of important collections.

Large Scale Photography

The inability to travel physically sparked in him a flood of ideas and artistic projects to be realized. It became a highly productive artistic period. He brought to life an exceptional street art photography exhibition, which became the most significant artistic event by a single artist in all of Switzerland: 'The Cats of Rovio'. A photographic exhibition created using the paste-up technique, with installations on the walls and roofs of the town of Rovio, setting a record and creating a unique attraction in the area. This earned him the title of a multifaceted artist capable of stirring emotions and involving the community in the realization of his works, making them participatory. Thus, the project 'Giant Stories on Paper by Yuri Catania' was born.


The Night After & NFTs

Alongside creating works with colorful nocturnal flowers, Catania feels the need to evolve his artistic path through the use of new forms of language, in an attempt to engage in a dialogue between nature in its authentic beauty, the necessity to preserve it, and the ambitious quest of humankind to conquer new worlds to inhabit, such as the Moon, where, however, nature is completely absent. This short circuit leads the author on a creative journey dominated by gigantic flowers, space suits, and imaginary characters, all set against the backdrop of photographs from his garden. The works are created using various techniques, starting from analog photography, to the use of 3D and artificial intelligence. Thus, the first collection of NFTs is born, along with a series of physical works printed on cotton paper, which, thanks to technology, immerse the user in experiences through the connection to exclusive and extra artistic content, activated with VR or a smartphone.



First Artistic Period (2002-2020)

Street Photography

Yuri Catania, a renowned photographer and director in the fashion industry, reached the pinnacle of his career in the early 21st century. His work took him to global cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, and London. In these urban settings marked by stark social contrasts, Catania developed a deep interest in visual storytelling that transcended the glitz of the fashion world.

While creating images for prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Numerò, Catania found himself immersed in a world of luxury and perfection. However, his sensitive spirit led him to explore parallel realities: those of abandoned places, forgotten objects, and the simple beauties of everyday life. These observations, often captured in black and white photographs, reflect a deep, delicate melancholy, a sentiment that becomes a recurring theme in his work.

Prizes and Exhibitions

His street photography series gained international acclaim, exhibited in public spaces and earning significant recognition, such as an honorable mention from Art Fair Cologne for his work "American Flag - Anthology One." His exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo, Perrotin Gallery, Candiani Venice, and Officine Fotografiche Milan, curated by prominent figures like Renè Julien Praz and Elisabetta Da Lio, further cemented his stature in contemporary art.


His artistic commitment also materialized in significant publications. "No Fashion Places of America" explores street photography in a new light, while "Marfa Marfa Marfa" and "No Fashion Places" (the catalog for the Venice exhibition) reflect his interest in minimalism and personal interpretation of places and moments.

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