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YURI CATANIA born in Milan Italy, in 1975

Lived in Rovio, Switzerland since 2013 Yuri Catania is a Swiss Italian artist, makes street art installations with the technique of collage that become live performances with the support of the subjects portrayed or people involved in the theme of the project. His photography is represented on a large scale in an urban and architectural features. 

On April 1-2, 2023, Catania created IMperfect, a giant street artwork on paper 120 meters long in a public space in Milan to support the research against breast cancer in collaboration of Fondazione IEO-MONZINO.


In 2021, he realized "I Gatti di Rovio," an installation of 120 giant subjects that developed into posters of different sizes that adorn his village walls. The exhibition aimed to create a cultural phenomenon that will attract tourism, the largest solo open-air show with Rovio and its architecture as its protagonist in Ticino Switzerland.

Catania has exhibited in Milan, Venice, Zurich, New York, Paris, St. Petersburg, and beyond. His works belong in the collections of Banca Stato Switzerland, Migros Zurich, among others.

In addition to his site specifics, Yuri Catania works include several fine art photographs, mixed media artworks, and NFTs, experimenting with different languages and new technologies, such as AI, AR, and 3D.

He began his career as a photographer in the fashion’s industry. His works has been published in the most important fashion magazine such as Vogue, Numerò, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. But the deepest photographer’s satisfaction came from his intimate research discovering traces of humanity in empty and abandoned spaces bringing to memory what it has been far from the refined luxury sparkle. 

The turning point came in 2013 when the curator René-Julien Praz noticed his works and invited him to exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and then, at Perrotin Art Gallery in Paris who involved Catania in two collectives art exhibition titled "Art Is Hope”.


His mind is FULL OF BAD IDEAS 🤟

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