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City Of Future: Art 4 Everybody - Site Specific Mural by Yuri Catania committed by City Carburoil in Tenero Switzerland

Yuri Catania brought a dedicated paste-up artwork to life in a public space on the biggest wall of the "City Bistrò" in Tenero measuring 7 meters by 180 cm. It was a testament to the idea that contemporary art can and should happen among people.

"The City Of Future" was born in collaboration with Lorenza Cattaneo President of City Carburoil, and Simone Riva Architect, celebrating the first anniversary of City Bistrò in Tenero, Switzerland.

The artist immersed himself among the people frequenting this City Bistrò and he has been a heartfelt experience. Entering into their daily lives, from their first morning coffee to the evening aperitif, hour by hour, they begun to know each other, his art and their stories. In a few days days, they went from strangers to leaving a mark among friends who, from the first day on, in front of his completed work, they will continue to travel through the surrealism of this piece dedicated to them.

The surrealistic artwork represents a Swiss astronaut as a tribute to our mountain biking champion, Filippo Colombo, and some of the mountains of our region, Monte Generoso, dear to the artist, and Cimetta, the home mountain for the people of Tenero surrounded and fully immersed in a blooms wave of dahlias from CasaGalleria garden and, of camelia from the Camelie Park in Locarno.

Yuri Catania creates the poster for the historic JazzAscona Festival through a piece of art that celebrates the fortieth anniversary of JazzAscona with a photo composition of the musicians and artists who have made the history of New Orleans Jazz in Ascona, photographed by the artist in the American city last November. Over seventy portrayed characters are immersed in a surrealistic atmosphere where the architectural elements of French houses and the tropical flowers of New Orleans engage in dialogue with those of the village of Ascona, like the 16th-century bell tower, along with the camellias from the Locarno park, which were captured by Catania at night on the shores of Lake Maggiore to create a connection with the nature of the territory, a recurring theme in the artist's work. The fusion of distinctive elements from both cultures seals the twinning between the two cities, New Orleans and Ascona, Sister Cities since 2022. This work will be created using the photo collage technique and can be viewed at the Municipal Museum of Modern Art in Ascona from 06/22/2024 to 09/01/24 in the format 43 x 71 inches.

The new visual identity of JazzAscona is inspired by the "Jazz Off The Wall" project, a significant street art event, conceived and realized by artist Yuri Catania to celebrate 40 years of JazzAscona, which starting from next Easter will display about forty photographic works in extra-large format on public and private buildings in Ascona. "Jazz Off The Wall" will be officially introduced at the end of March.

The visual created by Catania, like all his works, includes an extra video or photographic content, which can be activated with augmented reality. Once posted on the street, by framing them using the Artivive app (available for download at this address:, the posters will come to life creating an interaction with the work itself.

JazzAscona will take place from June 20th to 29th and will offer no less than 300 concerts with big names from New Orleans and artists from all over Switzerland and Europe.

More information:

Ufficio stampa JazzAscona - Luca Martinelli: +41 78 673 45 05

Yuri Catania Studio Art - Silvia Torricelli: +41 79 137 3111

The site-specific mural "The Butterfly Planet" was created by Yuri Catania for Sara Ruscitti and installed at the new location of the Obiettivo Ergoterapia studio in Lamone, Canton Ticino.

The artist continues his artistic journey by engaging in a dialogue between nature—represented by the photographs of the nocturnal flowers from the secret garden of Rovio—and technology, exemplified by space progress and, specifically, the figure of the astronaut.

Given the uniqueness of the studio, which will be dedicated not only to adult patients but particularly to children and special kids, Catania feels the need to connect the work to an imaginative journey, capable of making the place where it is located even more engaging and interactive.

Thus, a real children's story is born, whose protagonists are the "pet astronauts," the animals that live with Sara and her family: including Carlotta, two cats, and two horses. The idea, inspired by pet therapy, is to bring children closer to familiar figures, humanizing them and transforming them into a team of superheroes led by a very special rebellious girl.

The work, created with acrylic paint on canvas and paste-ups, represents the beginning of a broader project with which they aim to organize workshops and an illustrated story for children on the theme.

The goal is to create a true creative universe, filled with positive messages, where children can reflect on the value and importance of nature and biodiversity (represented by the butterflies), currently endangered, and on the respect and care for pets, not seeing them as mere toys but as companions in growth. All this in relation with the allure of the future and technology, represented by space travel and the role of astronauts as new explorers of the modern era. All to strengthen the relationship of the center's specialists and the studio itself to make it over time a place of heart and creativity.

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