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NFT Animated Cover feature by Yuri Catania

Yuri Catania signed the cover of Excellence Magazine with the creation of a physical artwork "Rainbow Grass." For the luxury magazine, he specifically customized it by adding augmented reality content, transitioning the piece from physical to digital and creating an NFT of the cover in a collection of 30 editions available on the blockchain.

The magazine was unveiled at the Armani Café in Milan during an Excellence VIP Lounge evening, where art and technology were at the heart of an event dedicated to luxury and lifestyle. Guests could use their cell phones to scan the magazine cover and experience the multimedia creation by Yuri Catania.

Inside the magazine, an eight-page article is devoted to the artist and his project "Black Flowers Secret Garden," which has been showcased in public and private exhibitions around the world – from St. Petersburg to Zurich, New York, Milan, Cologne, and Lugano.

Leggi l'articolo "From Luminous Darknes to Traces of Dust" :

Excellence_Magazine_Yuri Catania
Download PDF • 2.19MB



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