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AMERICAN FLAG -Mc Porn, 2018
art installation mix media

American Flag represents a “giant photo album,” that is part of a wider project NO FASHION PLACES OF AMERICA

The structure is made of wood and has the functional and material characteristics of the previous American Flag, Anthology One (2016) and Black Neon (2017). The wooden planks tracking the 90 framed pictures in 0,4ft x 0,4ft can be slide and placed freely, then in “random” order within the flag stripes.

In fact, the American Flag are considered, the first interactive artwork that invite the public to regenerate and change the layout of the work, creating a new and original display.

To complete his interpretation, at times provocative of the American symbol par excellence, Yuri Catania makes the revolution of the image of the US flag. Replacing the 50 Stars with as many packs of original Mc Donald fries. He collected the original boxes in several fast foods of Mc Donald around the United States.

The installation is intentionally in red as an emblem of consumerism, greed and attraction. Red as the traditional color chosen by Mc Donald and Coca-Cola. Absolute symbol of an America where the food culture is the basis of many contradictions representing people, which traditionally consumes a super-protein and hyper-calorie “junk food” cuisine. Which sees its peak in the excessive supply of this “greedy” and unhealthy food, through the fast food chains and supermarkets scattered everywhere and open 24H. Consumption that has triggered for some time severe problems of waste, pollution and chronic supercharging in most of the population.

The artist who has been traveling and working for many years in the United States wants to tell about his love but also worry about this culture. He took over the years, many emblematic images portraying scenes of everyday life taken with a “pornography” of food and sodas and alcoholic beverages of all kinds.


American Flag Mc Porn (size 1,76 mt x 3.5 mt) by Yuri Catania is an interactive installation that hosts 90 photographs (14cm x 14cm each photo).

Unique piece. SOLD OUT.

Available only for exhibition.




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