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Make Me Happy from the series Human Light Message by Yuri Catania is a mixed media art project

The series HUMAN LIGHT MESSAGE is part of the wider project NO FASHION PLACES OF AMERICA and introduces a new element in Yuri Catania's creative process.


The artist, who usually tries to limit or entirely avoid post-production, edits the emblematic shots of the middle American landscapes in a very evident way.


Inspired by the famous Hollywood sign, which stands on the northwest hill of Los Angeles, Yuri Catania inserts some light signals in places where the human intervention, in reality, is limited, past or completely non-existent.



Yuri Catania shows a slower reflection on his personal perception of reality and adds another nuance to the constant flux of landscapes instinctively captured in No Fashion Places of America. 


It is the beginning of a new experimental path, characterized by words and brief messages, that, at first sight, seem to have a light and pop meaning. The illuminated signs work their way in the framework, in certain cases, they camouflage in the American landscapes. The HUMAN LIGHT MESSAGE challenges the spectator; they invite him to look thoroughly at every detail: they have to be discovered and, once they are identified, they invite to meditate on their significance.


Provocation is the engine that drives the entire project: Yuri Catania offers an ironic vision of the massive use of billboard and advertising signs typical of the United States. 


Everything is on sale; you just need a sign!



The photographs of the series HUMAN LIGHT MESSAGE are editions of 5

Make ME Happy, Nevada Desert, 9:00 am, August 18th, 2016 SOLD OUT


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