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Eden Roc Ascona: Jazz, Gumbo & Love - Site Specific

As part of the 40th Anniversary celebration of Jazz Ascona, Eden Roc Ascona is hosting "Jazz Off The Wall," a mural by Yuri Catania.

This unique project, titled "Jazz, Gumbo & Love," is a site-specific art installation created in tribute to the renowned New Orleans couple: Desi & Wess Anderson. Last November, Catania had the honor of portraying them in their beloved city of New Orleans. Wess, a talented saxophonist, and his wife Daisy, a gifted chef from Louisiana, both contribute to the rich cultural tapestry at the iconic Pontchartrain Hotel.

In addition to their portraits, Catania captured the enchanting nightscape of flowers and plants native to Louisiana. These images were creatively blended with photographs of flowers from Parco delle Camelie in Locarno, symbolizing the connection between Louisiana and Ascona in the Ticino region.

The mural, crafted using sustainable paper and glue, reimagines street art in a gentle and ephemeral manner. This project demonstrates that street art transcends traditional painting or spraying, embracing the art of revisited posters. The vibrant colors of nature and the memorable characters celebrated in Jazz Ascona aim to evoke joy and cheerfulness.

To enhance the experience, additional video content is accessible through the ArtiVive app. This integration of augmented reality provides viewers with clues, allowing them to hear the music that plays such an integral role in these musicians' lives.

The ephemeral nature of the artwork adds a layer of melancholy and a poignant reminder that these creations will not last forever. This fleeting existence fosters emotional tension and a desire to preserve the memory of the works by visiting them in the Borgo of Ascona.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this celebration of music, art, and the enduring spirit of Jazz Ascona.

The Festival will take place from 20 to 29 of June in the borgo of Ascona. Come to visit the City and enjoy the exhibition where Eden Roc is one of the most significant spot in the tour.


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