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In parallel to my physical art where every process is slow and tangible I have decided as a form of experimentation to participate in the ever growing world community of NFT art. making myself active on different market place platforms such as Open Sea and Foundation in proposing projects conceived as digital art always starting from my photography regenerating it as mixed media using video, sound, augmented reality, digital paint.


Black Flower Secret Garden by Yuri Catania is begun during the first lockdown in March 2020, unable to leave one's home in the heart of Switzerland in the middle of the most impressive nature between Mountains and the lake of Lugano. Flowers are grown and shot in their natural habitat (the wife's secret garden). When the flowers sleep during the long nights between 3 and 4 in the morning, with absolute silence of the deserted streets. Thanks to natural darkness and an LED flashlight, the result reveals shots with bright and deep colors, suspended in a dreamlike and intimate dimension. The project count over 100 works already exposed during 2021 in many art exhibitions in Europe like WopArt Lugano, International Art Zurich, Mia Image Milano art fair, and a solo exhibition with all the collection at Art Trust contemporary art gallery in Switzerland. The artist in exclusive for OPENSEA NFT collectors has created with UV light an "aliens" flower colors version using the ultraviolet vision.

now on OPEN SEA market place click here

NFTs series by Yuri Catania are part of the concept of the physical art. They are minted on Open Sea or Foundation.


This is your Project description. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to startvisual art project inspired by the new pop culture dedicated to the American icons: vehicles, urban places, food, object, and other stuff. More than 15 years of street photography on the American roads to looking for what is the true America in the most common situations. But doesn't matter look dirty, ugly, or broken because they are iconic and authentic. Beautiful like a design and luxury car because they are our American dream. The idea is to create a complex art project that become viral, included giant fine art prints in super limited edition, stickers, a beer collection, a print t-shirts collection, street art installations by paste-up, and of course an NFT's collection. To do this the idea is showing the subject without the environment in a white limbo created to show all thems like supermarket products ready to buy like in a modern e-commerce

now on FOUNDATION  market place click here

Bistro Truck is an NFT by Yuri Catania from his series "Vehicle" from No Fashion Places of America

VIDEOGAME: My Pixel Parallel Life

is an ongoing virtual street photography project. Vacant, part of a collection of over 3000 images and a tribute to the GTA V videogame, is entirely made digital through a b / w photographic shot within a 3D scenario with a subsequent pictorial reworking of an overlay slogan painted with I-Pad. The project started by chance, without realizing it in 2017 during the umpteenth game with Play Station 4 in GTA V. I disregarded the violent and criminal purpose of the game to start wandering on foot or with a bicycle “borrowed” from that immense virtual world that has never been created until now. The environments and scenarios in 3D are spectacular and highly defined, you can move freely and lose the sense of reality. Thus was born my idea of ​​telling street photography through a virtual world that looks tremendously like that of California and Los Angeles, places that are familiar to me and that I know well. So night after night, I felt authorized, as at night, to play video games as an “adult” by continuing to take and save screenshots of the screen with which I gradually became familiar with as a real camera. Almost 4 and a half years have passed, making over 3,000 images without ever getting tired. Works that I carefully selected and then treated with black and white to remain faithful to the virtual media to an idea of ​​old school film street photography. In choosing and reworking the b / w images I realized that the path of lettering and writing/painting on images started with my other projects needed to express itself also through these images. To stay true to the fully digital process I painted my sentences using an iPad paint program that could reproduce the brush stroke with acrylic colours. The end result is something unexpected new where you no longer understand, and that’s what I wanted to achieve with this message of denunciation of the fearful charm of the encounter between real and virtual, between playful and serious, between sometimes cold digital opportunities and the warm craftsmanship of analog. This has become my parallel life in pixels: welcome. VIDEOGAME photographs.

now on FOUNDATION  market place click here

Yuri Catania experiments the digital art with its series Video Game. The Nft Vacant are part of Videogame and it's the result of a mixed of tecniques: digital photography and digital painting on photography
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