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LVGAXY ASTRO BEE First Mixed-Media Sculpture


Site Specific Mixed Media Art by Yuri Catania, 2m x 2m

Villa Ciani Lugano Switzerland

A three-dimensional moon, 2 meters in diameter, rotating on its axis, is Yuri Catania's first mixed-media sculpture made from iron, paper, and mirror, designed as a site-specific piece to harmonize with one of Villa Ciani's rooms.

The interactive artwork is crafted using the paste-up technique on iron and features three subjects. Side B showcases a photographic image of the "Dark Side of the Moon," which is augmented with virtual reality. Side A, the primary piece, is obscured by a large gold-mirrored hexagon as a tribute to the James Webb Space Telescope. This hexagon consists of 169 elements that reflect the twin sculpture on the front. The tiles are teeming with countless white paper bees covering the moon on both twin versions.

LVGAXY ASTRO BEE has been donated to the City of Lugano as a symbol of the dialogue between man, technology, and nature and emphasizes the importance of biodiversity through bees.

Each of the individual hexagons is a unique piece signed by the artist, collectible by the community along with a twin version digitized as an NFT on the MY LUGA blockchain. Purchasing each hexagon grants membership to an exclusive club of 169 owners who will decide how to use the accumulated funds for activities and projects in Lugano. As the hexagons are purchased, the main artwork reveals an astronaut adorned with dahlias and bees, and the reflection in his helmet mirrors the painting in the exhibition room.

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