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“Harlem story” is the theme and title of the new campaign presenting the AVANT TOI men’s and women’s collections for spring summer 2016.

The images captured by photographer Yuri Catania’s lens, following the concept of creative duo Mirko Ghignone and Sabrina Verrando, interpret the AVANT TOI mood with romanticism: the masculine and feminine elegance of the afro-dandy with its sartorial elements, fused with AVANT TOI’s avant-garde research and artistry.

The images tell an old-fashioned,

enchanting and sentimental story. The attraction of the two protagonists, the search for each other in a pulsating metropolis, the sweet anticipation of that moment when they will finally meet, where the journey is as important as the end.

She is Bianca Gittens, Canadian, he is Evander Holyfield Jr., American, named after his champion boxer father. Both perfectly interpret a multicultural and multiracial world without frontiers, with a natural and refined charm.

The setting is Harlem, melting pot of Europe, America and Africa, which enriches each of its resident cultures with variegated colors and elements. An underground of colors and aromas, but above all the languid power of jazz that envelops the couple in a game between reality and dreams, past and present, where real and surreal overlap and combine. Light and shadow surround the tantalizing characters in a cinematic atmosphere.


Art & Photography by Yuri Catania

Creative Direction: Mirko Ghignone and Sabrina Verrando

Models: Bianca Gittens - Supreme NY ; Evander Holyfield JR. - Wilhelmina NY

Styling: Marcus Blassingame - TSD

Production: Yuri Catania NYC

Location: Paris Blues New York, Harlem and Coney Island beach

Promotion : Fiorella Ghignone and Luigia Gambetta – Liapull S.r.l

These images are the first step in a larger project in which “Harlem Story” becomes a short film directed by Yuri Catania and AVANT TOI creative directors Mirko Ghignone and Sabrina Verrando.

The campaign will appear in the first trimester of 2016 in top fashion and lifestyle publications in Italy, France, England and the United States.

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