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FROM 20 OF JUNE 2024

Biblioteca is the First of Forty Mural planned for the JazzAscona 40 Anniversary


Yuri Catania's public art reaches the shores of Lake Maggiore with an epic exhibition of 40 installations that can be visited outdoors starting June 20, the first day of the JazzAscona festival, and will peak inside the halls of the Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna Ascona with a photographic exhibition titled "Jazz Off The Wall - New Orleans Journey".

This artistic project was created to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of JazzAscona with the broader aim of engaging the community through participation in the artwork alongside the artist, attracting visitors to the Borgo, drawing tourists, and introducing an intergenerational audience to street art.

It took fifteen days of work, and the monumental piece was completed on the façade of the Biblioteca Popolare di Ascona along the lakefront of the Borgo, adorned with over 1000 photographs of flowers and plants glued to the giant photographic portraits of eight renowned musicians, baby dolls, performers, and chefs from the New Orleans art scene. Bringing beauty to city center through gentle street art, therefore with works of ephemeral character, is one of the intrinsic values of Catania's art, which has proven to create a sense of community and bring people back to the streets to stop, observe, marvel, and be amazed at what a work made of paper and glue can do.

The façade of the Library has been covered for over 50%, approximately 60 square meters, with paper for a total artwork size of 7 meters in height by 17 meters in width.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Borgo di Ascona and the Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna Ascona.

With the valuable support of institutional sponsors Ascona Locarno TurismoEmbrace The Culture New OrleansEnte Regionale per lo Sviluppo Locarnese e Vallemaggia, and technical sponsors: Vinavil Spa and Onys Digital Solutions.

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