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AMERICAN FLAG -Black Neon, 2017
art installation mix media

American Flag represents a “giant photo album,” that is part of a wider project NO FASHION PLACES OF AMERICA.

The format of American Flag, with its particular interactive structure and its editable set up characterizes also the “second chapter” of Yuri Catania’s American snapshots. 

The central theme of American Flag – Black Neon is the vast number of illuminated signs and name-plates that take so much space in the American landscape and culture. Yuri Catania is fascinated by the bombardment of heterogeneous messages: from the city signs to the one placed in the most remote corners of the American province. In the desert, against the background of barren and abandoned landscapes, giant billboards rise and advertise tires, fuel and other unusual consumer goods. Motel signs and blackboards with the bizarre announcements: Broadway’s shows and inspirational quotes stand beside election slogans. 

Yuri Catania shows the ironic approach that characterize his work: a considerable number of photographs is dedicated to homemade curious messages, sometimes borderline absurd handwritten signs, almost a sort of precursor of the posts on the modern social media. 

The flag of Black Neon, that will host 90 new photographs, is itself a tribute to the billboard and signs culture. In left the corner of the black wooden shiny structure a big neon star stands out, it represents the 50 starts of the American flag. The neon element appears also in the stripes of the flag to underline their shelves function. Black Neon photographs have a square shape and, as the pieces of a jumbo jigsaw puzzle, they can form different stories all derived from the vast repertoire.

American Flag Black Neon (size1,76cm x 3.5 cm) by Yuri Catania is an interactive installation that hosts 90 photographs (14cm x 14cm each photo). Unique piece. SOLD OUT. Available only for exhibition




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