1975 born in Milan, Italy


1989 graduated from the School of Art in Milan, Italy


1994 studied Industrial Design at Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy


2005 began career as professional photographer 


2006 established with his partner Silvia Torricelli the "Videoracconti" - a creative and communication agency focusing in the fields of fashion based in Milan, Italy


2007 awarded the Premio Fotografico Italiano for the best still life  


2008 received the Honorable Mention award for the Premio Fotografico Italiano


2008 started a professional career as Director for fashion industry


2010 Videoracconti has increased by a team of 12 people and has a new location in the Quadrilatero of Milan


2012 established with his partner Silvia, the Yuri Catania LLC - a photography studio production in New York, US


2013 was selected by the curator Renè-Julien Praz to show "Angel Voices" & "Windows on 14th" two fine artworks from the series New York, at Palais de Tokyo in Paris


2013 moved all the business and his life from Italy to Switzerland and established with his partner Silvia Torricelli, the Yuri Catania SA - a creative and photography boutique agency


2014 awarded the Best Fashion Movie of the year at Milan International Film Festival


2015 published his first photography book titled “No Fashion Places of America.” A collection of 180 images that were assembled over an eight-year time period.  The images document his travel from the East to the West Coast of the United States


2015 launched a fine art gallery at www.nofashionplaces.com to show and sell his intimate and personal photos’ selection


2016 selected by the curator Adrian Ehrat to show "Forgotten Nepal" at Maag Hallen in Zurich


2016 selected by the curator Fabio Castelli to show "American Flag" at Mia Fair in Milan


2016 Mentioned for the "American Flag" installation by Art Fair Colonia


2016 Yuri is currently working on a photography book titled “Forgotten Nepal.” The book showcases the natural beauty of the Himalayan mountains and the landscape of the Rolwaling Valley in Nepal. He uses his eye for fashion and style to create this book. Proceeds from the sales of this book will help rebuild Nepal


2016 selected by the curator Renè-Julien Praz to show "Stand By In Venice Beach", Los Angeles 2015 and "Don't Leave Me Alone", New York, 2012 at Galerie Perrotin in Paris for ART IS HOPE to support LINK FOR AIDES


2017 selected by the curator Fabio Castelli to show "American Flag Black Neon" at Mia Fair in Milan


2017 No Fashion Places of America  Solo Exhibition at Officine Fotografiche in Milan

2017 Special Mention for "Asia Argento, un'attrice, un set e il cinema" at Centro Culturale Candiani in Venezia


2017 Yuri has been started a trip around all the 50 United States of America by an Airstream. The purpose of this journey is telling by his eye of photography the real America, forgotten people and, abandoned places. 


2018 published an artsy Manifesto dedicated to the city of Marfa, TX.


2018 Nov. 9th - 2019 Jan. 31st, No Fashion Places of America, Solo Exhibition at Centro Culturale Candiani in Venezia

2019 Fashion Photograhy Solo Exibition " Assoluto" at Gallia Hotel Milano in collaboration with Posh Magazine curated by Enrico Cammarota  

2020 start the artist residence and home gallery project Casagalleria Montegeneroso in Rovio Ticino Switzerland co-owned with Silvia Torricelli 

2020 take part of the platform OEG by Perimetro Milano 

2021 take part of the art platform LEG by Still Fotografia Milano curated by Alessandro and Denis Curti 

2021 Land - Street Art solo exhibition "I Gatti di Rovio" over 120 paste up installation in the Val Mara towns of Rovio, Melano, Maroggia, Arogno Ticino curated by Patrizia Cattaneo 

2021 Solo Exhibition "American Flag Video Game" at Artrust gallery Melano Switzerland curated by Patrizia Cattaneo 

2021 Solo Exhibition "Black Flowers Secret Garden" at Artrust gallery Melano curated by Patrizia Cattaneo 

2021 Wall installation at Maroggia Street Art Festival in combo with the tape artist No Curves. Maroggia Ticino Switzerland  

curated by Patrizia Cattaneo 

2021 Solo Exhibition "Black Flowers Secret Garden" at Casagalleria gallery Rovio curated by the artist

2021 Solo Exhibition / Art show "Black Flowers Secret Garden"

with Casagalleria Rovio Switzerland, at Mia Photo Fair Milano Italy, Woop Art Lugano CH and Art International Zurich CH

2021 collective exhibition at Savignano Photo Festival Savignano sul Rubicone Italy curated by Alessandro Curti - Still Fotografia Gallery Milano

2021 film documentary on the art project I Gatti di Rovio by Yuri Catania

direct by Kevin Mertz for RSI TV Switzerland 

2022 collective NFT art exhibition Globar Art Roma Palazzo Merulana Roma Italy


2022 solo Exhibition "My Montegeneroso" Fiore di Pietra Montegeneroso in collaboration wit Ferrovie Montegeroso and curated by Patrizia Cattaneo

2022 solo exhibition "IMPERFECT" charity project in collaboration with IEO - MONZINO Milano curated and promoted by Giulia Molteni