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"'The Night After' builds upon the 'Black Flower Secret Garden' project, where the mystique of nocturnal flowers from a hidden garden evolves through cutting-edge mediums like 3D and artificial intelligence. In Catania's rendition, these organic settings transcend into ethereal landscapes populated by astronauts, seemingly both drowning and thriving in a sea of blossoms. Central to this vision is the juxtaposition of two sentiments: an appreciation for the unadulterated beauty of nature and the imperative to preserve it, versus humanity's relentless ambition to colonize barren worlds like the Moon and Mars, where nature's touch is missing. This creative contradiction propels the artist on an imaginative odyssey, marked by looming flowers, spacesuits, and fanciful beings, all rooted in photographs from the artist's very own garden. Some works are further enhanced with hand-painting, seamlessly bridged with the realm of augmented reality."

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